Terms and licenses

General conditions

This legal notice includes the general conditions that govern the reuse of information from the public sector of the Island Administrations of Fuerteventura (Island Council of Fuerteventura, Antigua City Council, Betancuria City Council, La Oliva City Council, Pájara City Council, Puerto del Rosario, Tuineje City Council) which will be governed, in general, by State Law 37/2007, of November 16, on the reuse of public sector information (Official State Gazette (BOE), of November 17, 2007 ).

Access to the datasets that the Island Administrations of Fuerteventura publish on this website implies acceptance of these Terms of Use. If you have questions or wish to make comments about the Terms of Use, please contact us at through the following email address: admin.smartisland@cabildofuer.es

It is understood by:

  • Reuse: the use of documents held by the Island Administration of Fuerteventura and the entities that make up the island public sector, by individuals or legal entities, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, provided that such use does not constitute a public administrative activity.
  • Document: all information regardless of its material or electronic support, as well as its form of graphic, sound or image expression used.
  • Reusing agent: any natural or legal person that reuses public sector information for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

License for data sets

All the datasets offered by the Island Administrations of Fuerteventura, unless otherwise indicated, are published under the terms of the Creative Commons-Attribution (CC-by 4.0) license, and allow:

  • Copy, distribute and publicly disclose.
  • Serve as a basis for derivative works as a result of its analysis or study.
  • Use for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  • Modify, transform and adapt, making said changes public.

Likewise, the reuse of the information contained in the data sets is subject to the following general conditions:

  • That the content of the information is not altered.
  • That the meaning of the information is not distorted.
  • The source is cited.
  • Mention the date of the last update.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use does not imply the granting of copyright or intellectual property over the data sets.


The use, reproduction, modification or distribution of the datasets implies, under the terms of the Creative Commons - Attribution license (CC-by 4.0), the obligation to acknowledge the authorship and cite the corresponding Insular Administration as the source of the datasets. data sets. For example:

Data source: Island Council of Fuerteventura

Exclusion of liability

Both the Island Administrations of Fuerteventura and any of its agencies, entities or agents, are not responsible for damages or losses that, directly or indirectly, including those that cause economic, material or data damage, cause or may cause the use of data sets. The use of the data sets will be made by the users or agents of the reuse at their own risk.

The Island Administrations of Fuerteventura do not offer any type of guarantee regarding the published data sets, so they cannot guarantee, despite the efforts to properly manage the data sets, their integrity, updating, precision or continuous access. to these data sets.

The Island Council of Fuerteventura may, at any time, add, delete or modify the published data sets or these Terms of Use.

Responsibility of the reusing agent

The user or agent of the reuse of the data sets is subject to Law 37/2007, of November 16, on the reuse of public sector information, especially its sanctioning regime (BOE, of November 17, 2007 ), as well as all the regulations that affect the use of information, such as Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (BOE, of December 6, 2018) and Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, approving the Consolidated Text of the Intellectual Property Law (BOE, of April 22, 1996).

The Cabildo Insular de Fuerteventura may, on its own account, cancel or suspend access to the data sets without prior notice, to anyone that the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, in its unilateral discretion, considers to be in breach of these Terms of Use, the legality current or use, reproduce, modify or distribute the data sets in a harmful or inconvenient way. In the case of cancellation or suspension, the person or entity will no longer be authorized to use or reproduce the data sets and, in addition, the Government of Aragon may use any means at its disposal to make its decision effective.

Such cancellation or suspension will have no effect on those persons or entities that, in good faith, have received the data sets through the person or entity subject to the cancellation or suspension and that are otherwise complying with these Terms of Use.

It will not be possible, in a public way, to indicate, insinuate or suggest that the Insular Administrations of Fuerteventura, or any of its organisms, entities, companies or agents, participates, sponsors or supports the specific use or reproduction that a person or entity makes of the data sets, and must refrain from the use of any written, graphic, visual or auditory denominations or of any other nature that may suggest confusion in the end user of the participation or support by the Government of Aragon, or by its agencies, entities, companies or agents, in the activity of the user of the information or the data set.

Applications and external links

The portal can provide links to external pages over which it has no control, and for which the Island Administrations of Fuerteventura decline all responsibility, and the user of this website must, in any case, abide by the specific conditions of use of these links.