What is an application for?
The applications reuse public data to allow its consultation, visualization and understanding through a web page or a mobile device. Applications, whether institutional or private, open or free, automate and contextualize information. In this way, they transform the resources released by the administrations into products and services of high social and/or economic value.

What kinds of apps are there?
There are as many kinds of open data applications in the public sector as there are types of information and potential users that can be described. In any case, the most popular products and services are those derived from the reuse of information from the business-economic field; geographic-cartographic; juridical-legal; transportation; sociodemographic-statistical; and weather, among others. Normally, the applications are usually of the web or mobile type.How to share new applications?
To upload and share a new application to the portal, all you have to do is go to the "Participate" section and send the application information using the form provided. Once sent, it will be reviewed by the municipal team before publication in the "Apps" or "Applications" section.